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Welcome to the Magna Vista High School Band Program! 
         We are very excited that your family has chosen to participate in one of the most important parts of our school and community. This will be a unique and rewarding experience for both you and your student.

Band Program Philosophy
        The goal of the Magna Vista Band Program is to educate and inspire students through rigorous rehearsals and meaningful performances. We focus on having a quality process - if we execute all aspects of rehearsal at a high level, we will have good rehearsals - if we have good rehearsals, we will have good performance. Our daily routine of mastering fundamentals and working together toward a common goal is powerful and will teach your student how to be successful. The performances we have will elevate the community.

General Policy Disclaimer 
         Since the Band Program is a visible and active extension of Magna Vista High School and Henry County Public Schools, all school rules and regulations apply to students at all times when participating in band. This means that school rules apply regardless of where we are. Any issues will result in the involvement of school administrators and possible removal from the band.

Sheet music on music stand
Our History

Established in 2017, MVHS Warrior Band Boosters, Inc. is a place where volunteers encourage musical excellence and through hard work and dedication support the music programs at Magna Vista High School.  Explore the site and learn more about the band’s achievements and schedule.

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